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This is my first years light show. I'm comfortable with the controller and the lights that I need but I need help with the connectors. In the US it seems common to just plug lights into extension cords. Although this would be nice and cheap I suspect this is not a safe option in the uk. These waterproof connectors seem to be about £8 each. Has anyone in the uk come up with a cheaper alternative for extending cable lengths?



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Unless the UK has code issues with plugging lights into extension cords, there no worries. Most of us live in heavy weather areas. We in the North East have rain, ice and snow to deal with. You might pop a gfci, but no big deal.

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Hi Ben,

I'm in the Uk also. I am using mostly 110v from usa and so using the plugs and cords they use over there but i do have some 240v lights and with some basic precautions i.e. keeping the plugs covered if poss and certainly keeping them off the ground there should be no real problems. The waterproof connectors you mentioned sound like they are for underwater (ponds and pumps etc.) Alternatively there are waterproof rubber junction boxes on the market. Where in uk are you?

All the best, Lee

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Try this ebay link


Alternatively search for Rubbolite Model 108, if you have a commercial automotive dealer/factor near you they will be able to source for you. Hope this helps and if you need any more help with these just give me a shout.

Cheers, Lee

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Hi Ben ,

Welcome to the madhouse ,I'm also in the uk , did my first LOR display last year along with static lights , All I did with the uk plugs was cut them off and fitted US plugs as

most of the UK lights have no earth anyway , then made sure the controller boxes were off the ground and just covered them up.

Where I had to extend the cables I brought them all together in a plastic box that was 4" off the floor they entered in the bottom through

a hole and then exited from another hole in the bottom . I had no problems at all bar losing all my mini tree lights due to rubbish incans that let water

into themselves and blowing the bulbs. Good luck mate.



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