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how to add a 2nd. and 3rd. controller

big joe

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Hey everyone!! Big Joe here!! got everything set up by the 3rd. week in september. Ran a test and had 25 people show up, everything

worked as it should, and was great!!! Could not of done it without all the help from this Forum!!! :D

But now I'am planning for next year.

Going to go with 4 singing faces, and 9 ch. of spotlights mounted onto the house at differnt levels, ( thanks to Cracker for the idea!), and

also going to add red, green, blue floodlights. looks like the Cosmic color flood would be way cheaper as i'am all L.E.D . As for the

spotlights i've been buying 1 per week at menards, $32.00/with the fixture. ouch!! Let it be known that i am still running the old "s2"

antamater and not the new visilizer. Just started playing around with that. My question is = is there a way i can add controllers into the

seqence editor (like in the demo mode) before i actually phyically get the controllers themselves? ? i seem to remember something about

"insert device" but haven't had any luck locating the way to do it. I do have the advanced version. I know everybody is busy, so whenever

you's can get back to me is fine. Big Joe out.

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thanks Steve!! i just figured it out too. thanks for being so fast in replying. will have vids posted when/if it snows... Big Joe.

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