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I need a little Help!, I know very little about this stuff..

Please dumdown it for me. I just got the e-mail from LOR (Sale)..

I need a Kit or set up? I'm on dial up. little hard to down load.stuff..

What I'd like is something simple. Plug and play! Would the LOR1602W

Show director/MP3 player.work? what else would i need. I have no laptop.

please point me in the right way.



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Well, what ever you buy, you still need the software. Then, you load sequences onto the MP3 director.

So, I'd say the easiest thing to get would be the LOR1602W Show director/MP3 player.

Then all you'd have to do is make some sequences, load them on the SD card, and power it up. No worrying about cables and stuff.

So, if you wanted the LOR1602W DC-MP3 player, you'd have to buy

~Software (with USB or serial connector and CAT5e cable)

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