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License Seats and Re-Installing LOR


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I have been having some major computer issues. The first was in LOR having to change the name of a sequence before saving it. After various attempts to correct this issue I gave up and un-installed and re-installed LOR. This made matters worse and I could no longer save any at all.

Some post in the forum said to run the windows update.

This did correct the LOR issue, but disabled my e-mail program.

I ended up re-formatting the computer and re-installing LOR.

Another attempt at updating windows caused a ton of other problems and with no way to un-install the updates I re-formatted again. Now I have re-installed LOR for the 3rd or 4th time (I think, it's all a blur)

Does that mean I have used 4-5 seats trying to get 1 computer to work, or does LOR realize it's the same computer being reinstalled?


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