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Very basic RGB question


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Easiest way to think of it is "lights" vs "paints".

The primary colors we were taught in elementary school art class were "subtractive" (paints). You start with a white canvas. If you mix the three primary paint colors together, you get black.

With light, it's the exact opposite. We start with black (darkness). Mixing the three primary colors of light together, you get white.

Red and blue happen to be in both sets, but with paints, blue and yellow make green, and with lights, red and green make yellow...

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Tims answer is correct...

Photons, or elements react differently with a range colors than object or particles, like paint do. Photons are the result of a light going directly into your retina, photons is basically the measure of light, depending on a frequency, it determines the color of the actual 'element' or photon; causing your brain to distinguish a color, a particle like paint or clay contains different reflective wavelengths, they reflect a beam of light, and absorb others, it then bounces off the object into your retina, thereafter your brain realizes the color. I think thats how it works, I may be wrong? Let's wait for Mike ;)

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