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Area 51 Halloween- Fireworks video


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Amazingly new theme on a Halloween display! I'm assuming you got buy-in from neighbors, authorities, etc. -- so there is even more work behind the scenes that we don't see in the video I am sure!

That would not go over well in my area - Southern California where the weather is still warm and the open areas are still relatively dry.

But, I gotta ask how much that adds to your "per show" cost. I thought I was worrying about my electric bill too much -- I'm imagining you literally burn through $50 or more a show!

Again, well done!

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The fireworks were a one time deal... I live in a very small town and almost everyone was aware that I would be shooting fireworks on the night of the video. I made a video to help with votes in the local Halloween contest I'm in. Shooting to win.... Lol

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