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hi everyone,

i am after a couple of sequences for my show this year and well only learnt about lor 4 months ago i have found that i have

A. run out of time to edit sequences

B. superstar makes my display look horrible :(

the tracks i have are

aussie battler "gangnam style parady"

holiday road - the national lampoons vacation

da rude - sandstorm

wizards of winter - TSO

party rock - LMFAO

music box dancer techno - ?

im santa and i know it - "lmfao parody"

i will not be home for christmas - blink 182

jingle bells techno remix - yes it is the most popular version found on youtube..

i have 112 channels to play with so any help would be great around this time of year :)

includes 8ch mega tree, 5X RGB mini trees, 8ch mega arch, assorted flood lights, 8 sets of independent icicles ect ect ect.

also my other beef with sequence editor was why cant i play my sequence from a set point and keep the music in sync. the wave form stays correct but the actual audio is a couple of seconds out??

i have tried un-install and re install

tried different mp3.s

and still had same problem using the S3 sofftware..

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Lets see, you vs thousands of others and you have a beef with the seq ed. Hmmm maybe you bit off more than you can chew this late in the year and you are getting aggravated by YOUR lack of knowledge. And so you blame the intimated item such as the seq. ed. Maybe you need to take a step back and take some deep breaths. I know if I was in your shoes I would need to take those deep breaths. I started in Jan of my first year and kept it down to 64 channels. Of which 32 in 4 arches. I actually downloaded the demo and did some seq work before I ordered the controllers and the software. So, you come in here a blazing with 112 channels in the last 4 months.

I agree, 99% of the time if the audio goes out of sync its because the audio files are not constant bit rate. Just relax this is supposed to be fun. Ask your questions, but chill out some dude and we will work with you if your chilled. Not our fault that your poor planing and last minute decision to go whole hog. Crawl, walk then run. Jumping over the first two will lead to tripping.

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sorry max i tend to type than think :/

yes i did bite off more than i can chew teeheehee that's just how i am :P

as for sequence editor i got no idea about any of the S3 software let alone sequence editor lol

but i am having a go and having fun with it!

i got all the programming done with superstar but i need to edit it a lot to make it look all right with my props.

also i got no idea with the bit-rate, i ripped the song off a cd using windows media player so i am guessing it is??? help? haha :)

Didn't mean to cause i stir with this thread, like you said max were all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves

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Looks like you got two good ideas as to how to fix the problem. Great group of guys and gals with lots of good shared info. Remember the vets are also doing their crunch time work at this time of year. All of you new pups coming in here at the last minute. And wanting help. Just be positive, we really are not at fault for your last minute frustration.

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