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x y orientation with ribbon orientation

john southeast iowa

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I noticed that when you change ribbon orientation(vertical to horizontal).that the x - y orientation also changes. Shouldn't the x - y orientation stay the same with x being vertical and y horizontal for either choice on the ribbon orientation to make it far less confussing? Thanks Brian.


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actually z is vertcal

I agree if it applies to 3 dimensional coordinates but we're dealing with 2 dimensions here. So X is horizonal and Y is vertical.
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Good observation. I wrestled with how to handle the coordinates. Internally, the coordinates are stored the same regardless of the orientation. This is because I want a sequence to be able to be played on either horizontal or vertical ribbons. However, in the dialog boxes, I could swap X and Y if the orientation changes, and then X would always be the horizontal coordinate and Y would always be the vertical coordinate. But I decided to display the coordinate the same regardles of ribbon orientation. So X is always the coordinate that goes across the ribbons, and Y is always the coordinate that goes the length of the ribbons.

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