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Superstar & S3 and all that


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Hi There,

I hope someone can help.

Last year I bought an S3 licence and also a Superstar licence. I have just upgraded my S3 licence, but it says that the Superstar licence is only demo. I put the superstar licence number into the upgrade box in S3 and it told me it was invalid. Two questions;

How do you actually upgrade S3 with your Superstar licence?


Is there any kind of manual/presentation/notes/examples for Superstart other than the help files?

Thank's in advance for any help.


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Did you ensure that you used the same eMail address when you first purchased S3 and when you purchased the Upgrade? If they were different, then your Superstar licence did not move forward correctly.

PM me your license numbers (the original and the one from the upgrade) and I'll figure out what happened.

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