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Cut LED M6 Mini 70 count


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Does anyone know if it is possible to cut a string of LED M6 minis, like you can do with incandescent strings? I have 70 count strings and have a need for less lights for my wireframe. I know I can just cover the extra bulbs but in a couple places I really only need 35 or even less, so was hoping to cut them in half.

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Yes, you can be cut most LED strings, but you need to know which ones you can cut.

And how do you determine which ones you can cut?

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If the LED's are purchased as M6 Bulbs already (with wire) then mostly likely no. Take out a single bulb, if a section go out (like regular mini lights) then you can only cut where one section ends and the other meets.

If they all stay lit (and you don't have ConstantOn Brand LEDs) Then you can mostly cut where ever you like. At your own risk of course.

Another thing is if they have a wire with only two stings (like SPT1/2 wire and or on the leads for incandescent lights) most likely you can cut anywhere, if they have three strands of wire, your out of luck.

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Many 70-count LED strings are really two 35-count strings wired together. Grab the string and count the wires. If you find a point with only 2 wires, then you can most likely cut the string at this point. This will probably be in the center of the string.

I have seen a string that had 4 wires between all the bulbs. This was an unusual way of passing the power from one end to the other. It isn't done much because it uses too much copper.

If the string has a box at each end that has 2 wires to the plug and 3 wires to the bulbs, then the full-wave rectifier is split between the ends of the string. This format may have a single box in the middle that has 3 wires in and 3 wires out. If this is the case, then you can cut those three wires and leave yourself with half the string working, although the rest of the string will be unusable.

Some strings, especially the GE brand, have the bulbs in a patented "buddy" configuration. In this case, each pair of bulbs is connected in parallel, and those set are then connected in series. If your 70-bulb string is in this configuration, then it cannot be separated. You can identify this type because each bulb will have 3 wires: 2 will go to the bulb on one side, and 1 will go to the bulb on the other side.

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