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New Mega Tree Stand


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Just finished my stand for my 10' mega tree

Center Pole is 10'.... 1.25" black pipe. I also bought another section of 10' 1.25" pipe and had the home depot cut that for me into (4) 2.50" pieces.

Bought the bottom stand part from CLS website. Fit each of the 2.50" pieces of black pipe into each cross member of the bottom stand. I then took (2) 10' pieces of 3/4" gray conduit pvc and cut each of them, in half. I took each one of those 5' pieces and slid them into the cross member pieces and placed a pvc "T" on each end and then tied the rest of the base circle together with some more 3/4" PVC all cut in equal pieces. After all said and done, ended up with a 10' diameter base (5' radius)

Photo attached


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Thanks.... I also forgot to add I put 1" brass cup hooks in pvc (spaced every 3") to secure lights to. It was a lot of drilling and screwing them in but worth it

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