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Question on Building Mega Tree


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I want to put up a mega tree this year, I bought alot of sets of the GE Led Lights 100 Count that i want to use for the tree...I have 24 boxes of clear 100 count led and around 110 boxes of multi colors ...All the light strings are 33.6 feet long....I want to go up and over my pole so if i am guessing right i would need it 15 feet high and i was trying to figure out with that height if i am correct should use a 42inch round base or would you say 48 or 36 inch base? or am i wrong on the height..so any help would be best on this...

question 2

How many strings of lights should i use of clear verses multi color?

or should i go through the 5 color multi strings and start making solid color strings?

How far apart at the base should i have each string apart from each other meaning like clear then multi clear multi or if i should spend alot of time making solid color strings?

I am sorry for to much to ask but i want to make this a special year for my kids , i have 3 kids all 7 , 8 and 9 years old and i am scared because i just found out i have Cancer and will be starting treatments soon...

Also i forgot to add that i am only running one LOR system and i have plans on using 10 to 12 channels of it alone on the house and was wondering should i just run the tree with 2 channels for multi look and clear look or does anyone have some suggestions? because i see where people take two strings and wrap the the lights upwards to make it look like the tree is spinning and i even thought about doing that with two channels so 4 channels alltogether..or any info would help and thankyou for all the help that i have gotten from the forems this year lately ...


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i started with 4 channels on the tree. i was not LOR, it was a 4pt controller that had about 16 patterns and not to music. the first year with LOR i used the same format with LOR. i had 4 lilght strands per channel so 16 altogether. it looked great. of course now i have 16 ch with 4 strands each and about 20 strobes in the 20' mega tree. using the mega tree calculator helped alot to set up the mega tree. the spacing will depend on how many strands and size of base. i couldnt tell you exactly on my spacing, but base is about 30' circumfrence and spacing is about 6" for each strand. . so as far as colors, thats up to you. i have 4 colors spaced out in pie cuts, something like this.... R R R G G G Y Y Y C C C (red, green, yellow, clear), thinking of changing to colors all the way around so i could make the tree all one color. but right now i like having the full look on the tree when everything is on. hope any of this helps. but IMHO 4 channels is the basic tree set up.

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