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Selling All My Equipment, Controllers, etc due to Health Issue


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I have been one of the “Old Farts” on this forum for some time, but it is time for me to hang up my light guns. I will be selling off all my Christmas decorating equipment.

I have a serious medical condition, that will prevent me from continuing in the same fashion as I had.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Myleoma,, late summer (2011). It is a cancer of the bone marrow (blood) that leaves malignant tumors in the marrow of the bones. It is a very painful condition. Currently I am receiving chemo, as the tumors are too small and numerous for either surgery or radiation. Prognosis, any where between two years to 12 years. Personally I am opting for 12.

I tell you this not to illicit sympathy or pity. Life will be what it is. I will literally fight with all my life.

I do ask please keep me in your thoughts and prayers, and get a good physical check up on yourself and your family.

I managed to continue my display through the December 2011 season with volunteers putting up and taking down. Even made an interview on the local news!!

I know whatever the outcome of my medical condition, I will not be able to continue with my display, due to health and age limitations. (I am now almost 70 yrs). Just can’t climb ladders or get on the roof like I used to do.

Now to the stuff:

I have 17 LOR controllers, all good working condition. (30 amp) LOR 1602W Models 2-3 and later purchases. All used during 2011 Christmas Season. All worked well. All originally purchased through LOR. I am asking $225.00 for the models 2-3, and $275.00 for the later models, plus exact shipping. A packaged controller weighs 17 lb. These could be shipped reasonable via Fedex ground, or USPS, Parcel Post. My zip is 89117 (Las Vegas). Using my zip and yours, and weight you can go to USPS or Fedex, and get a shipping quote. All controllers are warranted to be in good order.

There are pictures of the controllers on my photobucket site. http://s232.photobuc...9/GaryBo42/LOR/

They had been marked with grease pencil, for my own personal use and I-D (easily removed)

If you are interested in any of the controllers, PM me and we can make arrangements.

Lots of other items ,not easily shipped, as it would not be cost effective due to bulk and weight. I live in Las Vegas, NV and if you live in So California, Northern Arizona, or Southern Utah, and are able to bring a pickup truck or large vehicle to transport, you can pick up some good items. If you are interested PM me and I will provide my home address or phone number.


Loads of LED lights, strings, icicles, & nets White, Green Blue, red, & Multi. Various sizes

LED Rope light, white 12'

LED yard art deer.

Numerous Artificial Christmas trees, some lighted

LED and fiber optic Christmas trees.

Numerous plastic blow molds

Numerous wire yard art animal figures

A working custom, 12 foot Ferris wheel, motorized and wired for lights. Built like an “erector set” for easy set up and break down

Eight sections of 15' leaping arches and wiring.

“Thousands” of feet of extension cords, both heavy duty and light.

Cat 5 cable, various lengths

Lighted Ginger Bread House.

Ginger Bread Train

Lighted Candy Canes

25' Telescoping flag pole, used for Mega Tree.

9 Flying Reindeer and supporting cables

Large flat Bethlehem Star, LED

Hanging snowflakes

Lighted Pink Flamingos

Some incandescent Rope Lighting

Small Lighted trees

Blow Mold Manger scene

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Sorry to hear about BOTH of your conditions...your health and you leaving this amazing hobby...

I say you are from Nevada and KNOW how to beat the odds...go for 24 more years at least!!! B)

You and your family are in my prayers...

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I, too, am very sorry to hear about your Myleoma and that it is forcing you to get rid of your lights and equipment. I will keep you in my thoughts and wish you the very best.

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I agree completely with the twelve year option.

Besides, you take away their education, experience, social standing, wealth, and young trophy wives and doctors are guys just like us who guess wrong all the time. Who knows? Maybe this is one of those times...

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Really bummed to hear this Gary. Will be praying that your treatment goes smoothly and is successful as possible.

(Make sure you use your "Old Fart" certificate soon for your free coffee or McMuffin while it is still valid...until the last controller is sold.)

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sorry to hear about your illness and sorry to hear your leaving the hobby i wish you all the best

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I am so sorry to hear this horrible news. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers! Keep your head up and hang in there, hope to see you around these boards for another 20+.

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Having many relatives die of various cancer diseases, I can really releate to what you're going through. I can only hope you make that 12 years and then some. I think you will, as it seems those with the strongest will lasted longer than the predicted limitations than those that had the "poor me" syndrome after learning about such a condition. The poor me relatives passed a lot earlier because it appeared they just gave up, but those that tool a stronger approach to go on and continue doing what they could, with certain limiations lived to or surpassed the times the doct's said they'd expire, so living 20 to 30 years over that prediction.

So keep on looking up, hold that strong will and with the God's graces you will also be here after those 12 years.

I will request my group send you some strong healing energies to help you at least be around for many more years to come, but like with anything in life, there are no guarentees, but we do what we can, when we can.

Good Luck to you and your family as you go through these very trying times.

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Gary, so sorry to hear another old timer, ands friend, won't be able to continue to share their holiday display with the community...

You're in my thoughts and prayers...

Take care,


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I somehow missed this thread the first time around. Really sorry to hear this news, and hoping more than 12 years for you.

That said, I'm looking for about 1000 count each of red and green LEDS (any string size combinations, any style is ok but they should be the same style for all). I'd be happy to adopt them from your display if you have them.



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I too missed this the first time around. Damn 68 or 69 and was still getting up on the roof. Sorry to hear that you will not be able to continue your show. Give it hell and do another 12. Maybe you can train someone up to do the show.

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