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v2.6 code released for ECG-P2, ECG-PIXAD8, ECG-P12R


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J1SYS has release the anticiapted firmware upgrade for the ECG series of pixel controllers which brings the 8 universe support for the P2 controlers and the official 2811 support amongst other things.

A copy of what Ed wrote in the ACL thread

I finally got the new code up to speed for ECG-P2, ECG-PIXAD8, ECG-P12R.

This is the new code that can be uploaded by the PIC32UBL. You still will have to wait to upgrade an older PIXAD8 or P12R.

Here is the link on our site that includes links to all of the hex files. You can download the v2.5 that came with the unit so you can revert to it if these new files break something for you.

This is semi-beta code. We've tested it a lot but with all the changes to all three of the units we may have overlooked some combinations. So let's start to give it some testing and we will fix things as we find them. So you can expect v2.7, v2.8 etc in the next week to get everything up to snuff.

Notes are over on our site but this adds the multi-universe to the ECG-P2 and adds WS2811 native to all three.


It can be downloaded from here


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