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To sequence regular lights in superstar you first create a visualization file and then import the visualization file into superStar.

Or, if you just want to do an Instant Sequence on your regular lights, click on the Tools menu and select "Create Quick Visualization". In the dialog box that comes up you can set the controllers you have and the unit ids to the controlers.

Next you can click on the Tools menu and select "Instant Sequence". In the Instant sequence dialog box, do the following:

Open Audio File

Sequence All

Play All

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I seem to remember a post a while back dealing with channels instead of CCR's but can't find it now. Talked with Chuck over the weekend and he thought it might be controllers not channels but to do some checking. So I have no CCR's at this time but being sequence chalenged I thought that instance sequence would be a great help. I am going to have less than 200 channel so would a 2 CCR (300 channels) license work?



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The reason for the confusion was that last year the SuperStar program looked at the number of sequencing rows and not the number of channels, that was very confusing. So I changed it so that the program looks at the number of channels. The 2 CCR license will support 300 channels, they can be CCR channels or regular channels to a 16 channel controller or any combination. So if you have 200 channels, the 2 CCR license will work for you.

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