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Wayne K

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I am switching over to led's this year and I have the plastic deer and sliegh and santa ( as seen in attached picture ) that I am putting the led's in. With the icans I was able to switch bulbs around and add color to these. Any one have an idea on how do do this with the led's? Do the color caps work very well? The bulbs push in from the back and kinda snap in, So I would need the caps to slide on from the front if any one thinks they will work. Can a person paint the white led's and make them look good?

Thanks for any info any one can provide


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Dont know if this really helps you but I purchased an led wire frame from CLS last year, it came with white LED's with colored caps on them, so someone makes the right caps for you.

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The Combo clips that Val has at Christmas-Led.com work great. I used them for my Nativity set. Here is a picture of what I used.



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I have looked at the combo clips at Christmas-Led and I don't think those will work because of the side clip on them. It is going to take a straight cap to work on these.



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