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What I see in SuperStar is not what I see in LOR sequencer

Denise Brunner

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I am still having problems with the text being backwards from the SuperStar software and what appears in the LOR sequencer, also the colors that "play" in the SS software is totally different in the LOR software. Not sure why. Files too big to post here.

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Make sure you are using the latest version which is 3.7.0. But I expect you already are.

Are you using SuperStar using an imported visualization? Where are you seeing the backwards text, is it when you play it from the LOR Sequence Editor to the Visualizer? Or is it when you play it to your actual CCRs?

When you say the colors are different, is it that what was white in SuperStar appears a pinkish color in the LOR Sequence Editor? If so, this is normal. The elements in CCRs are not "balanced" and white appears as a bluish white in the CCRs. So to compensate, SuperStar pulls back the blue and green elements. The results is that the colors in the Sequence Editor look pinkish but when played to your actual CCRs it will look white.

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You can attach the files to an email and send them to brian@superstarlights.com

You could send the .sup file which would be at c:\ <your lightorama folder> \ SuperStar \ Sequences

You could send the exported .lms file which would be at c:\ <your lightorama folder> \ Sequences

If you have a visualization file, it will end with .lee and will be at c:\ <your lightorama folder> \ Visualizations \ Editor

If you can make them into zip files before sending them it will make them much smaller.

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I replied to your email with the files in it last night. Here is the contents of my reply:

I took a look at this by opening your visualization file in the Visualizer, opening the lms file in the Sequence Editor and then playing the sequence to the Visualizer. When I do this the text is rightside up on the visualization. I assume the upside down text you are seeing is in the Sequence Editor. This is because the order in which things are listed in the sequence editor are not always in the same order as they appear on your actual display.

It all gets very confusing, I know. But the way you are doing it is working. In the visualization file, however, to make things less confusing you should change the labels on your CCRs. Don't change anything else except their name.

CCR1, should be name CCR6 - top

CCR2 should be named CCR5

CCR3 should be named CCR4

CCR4 should be named CCR3

CCR5 should be named CCR2

CCR6 should be named CCR1 - btm

All this will do is change the names, it will not change how it is displayed. But after renaming them CCR6 will be the CCR on the top, and it will correspond to CCR6 in the Sequence Editor. After renaming, you can see that the order they appear on the visualization is reverse compared to the order in the Sequence Editor. And that is why it appears upside down in the Sequence Editor, but ignore that, it doesn't matter. What matters is how it appears on the visualization, which is how it will appear on your actual display.

I might mention, you have a very impressive display!

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