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I decided to do a combination of all the mini tree designs out there and combined them with my own thoughts and came up with an interesting design... I am sure they will look good with the lights on them, I am NOT going to cover them with greenery or Garland.. May turn them all into mini spiral trees next year... Anyhow.. would love some feedback/opinions on my design.

The only down side I see with my design is that you will need more lights than the typical designs..(oh well more=better right?)

Materials Needed- (per tree)

1/2" black poly pipe- My diameter is about 2.5feet(cant remember the exact length measurement)

1/2" poly pipe coupler

6 1/2" white PVC Tees

6 33in sections of 1/2" white pvc

Large Zip-Tie (In the picture i temporarily used duct tape to see what it would look like)

You can adjust the measurements of the 6 pvc sections and the poly pipe base to make the tree larger or smaller.


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