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emt conduit vs. pvc


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In reading other forum posts it seems that the majority of people prefer to attach lights to emt conduit instead of PVC. Is there a good reason for this? Or a downside to PVC?

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It depends on what your wanting. EMT is much stronger(metal) than schedule 40 PVC. Costs alot more too. some use emt for Mega Tree.

My Mega Tree is over 25' tall so I use Galvanized Gas Pipe which is stronger than EMT but looks almost the same.

Now if you really ment the difference between the electrical grey PVC and the white schedule 40 PVC then flexibility is about the only difference. electrical PVC is slightly cheaper and grey to avoid having to paint it.

For better opinions you might want to let us know what your tring to build. Then you can get Pros vs Cons.

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Actually you were totally right in that I meant to ask about grey electrical vs. sch. 40. Thank you for that! But, very good info to know about the metal stuff too.

I don't have antyhing planned 100% yet, as this will be my first year with LOR. I'm just trying to filter through all the info in my brain that I have been gathering online the last couple months.

Thanks again.

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