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Special Nutcracker Effect (Making Rings)

Ralph A

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I am wanting to create an effect that would take too much time using conventional LOR programming and was wondering if anyone knows if this is possible with the Nutcracker.

First My tree is approximately 12 foot CCB tree with twelve CCB strings that go up and over the top. So you have 25 individual bulbs on each side of the 360 degree tree.

I want to create a spiral effect that starts at the bottom, starting at string 1, bulb 1 - string 2, bulb 1 - string 3 bulb 1 - string 4, bulb 1....string 24 bulb 1 (actually string 1 bulb 50, because of the up and over configuration) This is a chase that will make a complete circle on the bottom ring then up to the next ring same procedure as before, then to the third ring all the way up the tree.

Has anyone tried this, or is this possible with the Nutcracker?

Thanks for the help!

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Have you already built the tree Ralph? How did you get it drawn in the Visualizer tree wizard? The Edge - center / center edge option is back down the same side isnt it? Are you sure you need to build it that way?

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  • Hello BobO,
    Good to hear from you. I have not yet built the physical tree. Should get the CCB'S in this week. Yes, I have it drawn in the visualizer, and it starts on.. lets say the west side runs up to the top (bulb 25 top) and runs back down the opposite side (east) from bulb 26 to the bottom bulb 50. I have most of my sequencing completed except for a few spots this being one of them. Do do you foresee a problem with this design?

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Hi Ralph,

I have been following Nutcracker since it's inception. Seems most of the other users are building their trees by not going over to the opposite side but rather going up to a hook and coming back down next to the start-forming an "A". I think you really need to sign into Nutcracker (it's free) and see what it has to offer. Lots of GIF's to use as examples. Bit of a learning curve but will save LOTS of sequencing time. http://meighan.net/nutcracker/login/login-form.php

Good Luck!

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