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My new Sequence to Wish Liszt by TSO


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It took me more hours than I want to admit to.

I don't know whether it just takes that long or whether I'm a slow poke.

Sometimes just figuring out what to do during just a few seconds of a song can take a while to

decide on before you even try to sequence it.

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Another "Masterpiece". Well done.............I sat here for about 5 minutes trying to think of something to say. I'm speechless, and if you knew me personally, you'd know that's saying a lot. I'm never at a loss for words.

Again, Very, very well done.

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Very nice work. One thing I have noticed, and not poking at you in the least - but for some odd reason, folks aren't as inclined to share the superstar sequences as they are regular LOR sequences. I don't hesitate in the least to share something I have put together or tweaked. It may be that the cost is considerably higher to get a CCx display(s) up and running and people arejust trying to recoup some of their investment. Just don't know for sure - but in my humble opinion, I think that this lack of sharing does slow down the adoption/sales of the CCR - again because folks know it is going to cost much more than just the hardware to get into the game. Not saying that everything should be free, but we can't get our mouths watering for professional edits, when we don't have the chance to use/modify something someone else is very proud of doing. Enough of my soapbox, and on with the question - would you be willing to share your sequence? :D Thanks - Cliff

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Hi Cliff,

The real issue here for me is that I do sell mine for $49.00 and once I started doing that it is now not fair to everyone who has purchased them

to be giving them away for free. I myself have purchased some from Brian Bruderer because I know he does excellent work and has spent probably

20 hours or more on them. Time is money and I know the value of my time and that purchasing something that I would have spent so many hours trying

to produce myself that it is well worth the money. There are lots of clipboard files in Superstar to let people starting out with the program figure out how

to do many of the morphs and such.

I hope you can understand that to be fair to all you can't pick and choose who you sell to and then give away for free to others.


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To me, creating a Superstar sequence is above and beyond the regular channel sequences. Yes in Superstar you can actually sequence hundreds of channels at the same time which speeds up sequencing. But then you have to sequence your other channels too, and to create a good or great CC(x) sequence can take as long or longer than the regular sequences.

That being said, if I spent as many hours on a sequence, as I know kneel999 did on this, I wouldn't want to share it either. I wouldn't mind sharing either an effect or explaining how to do one if someone asked, but to share a sequence that took 20 hours to create, for free, no way.

As a matter of fact, I've bookmarked kneel's site for the reason of buying 3 of what he offers. It won't be this year, because I only have 8 CC(x) instead of 12, but plans are for next year to have 12.

So I say, Thank you kneel999 for your creativity. The sequences I've seen so far are awe-inspiring. Your knack for creating amazing sequences is, well, AMAZING. you'll be hearing from me soon for a sequence or 3. Keep up the good work.

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