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Am I doing something wrong. OK I use Suoerstar the export and use in a subsequence. All is good. Now I program in Lor seq. Editor. If I am working on the middle of the song for example, you hit play. The visulaizer shows the beginning of the song for the CCR's is this normal?


Don C.

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I believe this is normal. Realize that originally "subsequence" was put into the Sequence Editor to support things like "lightning" or some other effect that is repeated periodically throughout the song. That is why it only plays the subsequence during the time that the subsequence channel is "On." And if it comes to the end of the subsequence it loops to the beginning and plays it over.

In the case of a CCR subsequence, the normal usage is to turn the subsequence channel "On" for the entire duration of the song, and the subsequence is the same length as the main sequence so it never loops to the beginning.

So I think the behavior you are seeing is normal because of the looping feature the Sequence Editor starts from the beginning for the subsequence if you are starting the play from the middle.

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