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travis p

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The principle with the morphs is that you draw a "state 1" line and a "state 2" line and the morph will travel from the state 1 line to the state 2 line. So to go right to left, draw the state 1 line on the right, and draw the state 2 line on the left.

Note that you click and hold with the left mouse button to draw the state 1 line. You click and hold with the right mouse button to draw the state 2 line.

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ok sir i tryed what you said the only change i see is the sate 1 and sate 2 blocks moved in thier green graf no change in the morph also why when i export a morph or any thing else the colors change a white morph changes to pink ect what steps am i not doing or seeing

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There is a tutorial on morphs that would be good to watch. Go to the lightorama main page, click on the "Support" tab at the top and select "Training Tutorials." At the bottom of that page are the SuperStar tutorials. The second one is titled "SuperStar morphs"

As for the colors changing, I know it looks like a bug, but it turns out that the LEDs in Cosmic Color Ribbons are not balanced. That is, if you turn the red, green, and blue elements all to 100% you don't get a true white, you get a bluish white. So I have to send a pinkish white to the Cosmic Color Ribbons to get a true white. The other colors such as yellow don't come out right either unless I do some adjusting of the color elements. So the end result is that in the LOR Sequence editor the colors will look a little different, but on the actual CCRs the colors will look good.

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