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So this is my fifth year of sequencing but first year with CCR's. I ordered 3 during the summer sale and just bought the superstar software. From here....where the heck do I go? I have three leaping arches each containing seven channels of white lights. My plan is to replace these arches with my 3 new CCR's. So one of the things I plan to do first is edit some of my existing sequences by eliminating the 7 channel arches and replacing them with the CCR arches. The new visualizer is already in place with 3 new CCR arches drawn. I am lost from here! I have opened the SuperStar program which shows Demo v3.5.0.0. Note: I have already ran "update" with the new license code...should it still say demo? The program defaults to 12 vertical lines. Can I, or how do I create arches? I have started watching some of the tutorials but I can't find one on just getting started. I have not felt this lost since I started LOR 5 years ago! Will there be a way to use the same timings in my existing sequences and just import the new CCR effects into the same timings? For instance, let's say at the 10 second mark, my arch leaps from left to right. Will I be able to keep that effect, but import the CCR leap?

Man am I lost!

Thanks in advance for any guidance you folks can give me.


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I'm not around my pc but I'll tell you the easiest way. Take your arches and export the prop file. Now create a new .lee file with the arches. Open Superstar, select "File" and then "import visualization". Select horizontal for orientation and then"OK". In the next pop-up, select your arch visualization. You should be able to start sequencing then. The tutorials will teach you about the different effects. Play around with it for awhile. Once you have the "AHA" moment, Arches are very quick to sequence. I've actually done a 4 minute song, arches only, in about 30 minutes. If I missed something, I'm sure someone will chime in and fill in what I missed. That at least should get you started.

Now, if you purchased the SS add-on it should not be "Demo". Not sure what's up with that.

Hope I didn't confuse you too much and hope this helps. The program has been a big help for my sequencing.

Good luck,


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Thank you Ron for the post. As you say, if you have purchased the SuperStar license it should not say Demo. After purchasing the license, run the Lightorama Sequence Editor and click on the Help menu and then select "Registration. Light-O-Rama" and then you can enter in your name and registration code. After doing that, the next time you launch SuperStar it should not say "Demo" at the top anymore.

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