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Hardware Console Usage (grouping)


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This post might be more in the way of a feature request, but maybe someone will have some other ideas as well.

Is there a way (other than creating an animation/musical sequence specifically for testing each group) that I can use the Hardware Console to control groups of channels for troubleshooting.

It's very tedious to go through each channel and each controller to test each channel.

I have all the channels grouped and saved channel configuration in the sequence editor.

I would like to be able to use a Hardware console type interface to control "Groups" of channels in the same manner that the hardware console currently works. This would help with troubleshooting. I know that I can create a sequence that can basically do the same thing. but it's not "On Demand" or "Live" as needed.

for example, I have 48 channels on 3 LOR controllers

8 of these channels are used for my "Mega Tree"

4 of these channels are my Mini Trees

4 of are the Candy Canes


I would like to be able to turn on all 8 channels of the mega tree at once, or all 4 mini trees,or all 4 candy canes.

I would also be helpful to manully control these lights by reference to their group name. It's more intuitive to turn on "Mega Tree" than it is to turn on Controller 1 Channel 1, Controller 1 Channel 2,Controller 1 Channel 3, Controller 1 Channel 4, etc.

Similarly. the hardware console is pretty useless for more than 16 channels (ie: CCRs or other DMX e1.31 device)

If the hardware console could control by groups, it would be easy to test and check hundreds of pixels at once (perhaps by group, or by DMX universe)

Any thoughts .... ideas.... etc

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The Hardware Test of the HU is designed to just test individual controllers and channels to check that they work.

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I guess I will stick to my original plan of making a test sequence.

it would be neat feature to be able to control the lights LIVE by groups.

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