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LOR Channel Assignments to a Spreadsheet


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Has anyone found a way to copy the LOR channel assignments to a spreadsheet? The “Channel Configurations” window has a PRINT feature, but I am looking to export the info into a file so I can import or convert it into a spreadsheet. If this topic has been covered, my apologies. My search didn’t reveal any solution.

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Not sure of a simple way.. but here is how I extract channel names, etc from the LOR file.

1. open a Dos window - Choose Start > Run > type cmd and hit enter

2. change directory to the location where your sequence files are. (use the "cd" command to navigate to your directory)

3. type the following cmd: find "circuit" [filename] > channels.txt

You now have a text file with one line for each channel

4. open the text file in excel and use the split cells into columns function to break out just the info you want.

example command line that I used: find "circuit" test.las > channels.txt


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You can export cannel config to a csv file and then use excel to open. Would give exact instructions, but not at my PC.

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