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WGR Super String Mega Tree

Robert Burton

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I have a mega tree that is made up with super strings (WGR). How can I use the wizard and make this happen? I am sure it is simple and it is right there in front of me.


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I would create 1 tree per color, set the channels, then lay each one on top of each other and create a prop from the 3 fixtures. Easiest way I've found to do it. As you create each tree, turn it a bit with the bottom slider so the strings won't be on top of each other, unless that's the look you're going for with the super strings.

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Why would you do that?

Instead use the wizard to create the tree with the number of different 'sections' you use. Then, assign 3 channels to each section in White, Red, Green.

Take a look at the tutorial - it shows how to create strings that are controlled by multiple channels.

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I read the tutorial many times. Must have missed it.

Let me tell you what I am doing step by step...and you tell me what I am doing wrong.

1) Click on mega tree icon

2) then click on the display where I want to place the mega tree

3) the mega tree wizard comes up with the orientation screen. I then name the prop. I fix the orientation. I set it with 8 bundles since I had 8 slices. I also put it at a density of 4 since I had a tree with 2 strings per slice with the half way point at the top of the tree and click "Ok".

2) New / Existing fixture comes up. I take the recommended setting of creating a new fixture for every bundle and click "Ok".

3) Prop Properties comes up. I leave the "General" tab the same with the names of "Mega Tree - bundle 1, Mega Tree - bundle 2, ....all the way to - bundle 8.

4) In the Prop Properties I then click "Fixture Properties" and change the spacing on the strings to 1 (I want it tight looking).

5) In the Prop Properties I then click "Wizards" and then click "Run Channel Wizard". It wants me to "Save" changes to Prop.... I click "Yes".

6) In the channel wizard I click on "Normal" for what kind of channels

7) In the next step I created "New" channels

8) Number of repeating channels, I clicked 3 and made them 3 different colors (W,G,R) and clicked "Next"

9) In device type I chose "Light-O-Rama" and also Legacy 1-16 channels

10) When the next prompt comes up I chose to "Prompt Me" for "When the wizard runs out of channels...."

11) When "Selecting the starting address...." I chose Unit 5, channel 1"

12) The next prompt is a little confusing. It wants the "....starting address for First Fixture-> Mega Tree - bundle 6 (ch:1) (why bundle 6??? There are 8 bundles...). Ok....I chose Unit 5, channel 6....since if it is looking for the first in the series....it would be white...so that would be the before mentioned.

I then tested a sequence...and it did some weird stuff. So I then have to go into "Fixtures" and click on Mega Tree - bundle 1 to bring up "Fixture Properties". I then have to change the channels MANUALLY to "White" - Unit 5, ch.1 , "Green" - Unit 5, ch.9 , "Red" - Unit 6, ch.1....and allllll the way through Mega Tree - bundle 8....manually.

Now after doing the above paragraph...it finally worked.

Is that what you were talking about??? Seems like there should be a easier way or I am doing something wrong and then going back to fix it.

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