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SuperStar Star - sold out of what I had


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I had enough material for 7 stars and I have sold all of those. My costs for the kits and assembled stars are higher than I thought and will have to increase the price from here out. The price for the kits will be $249.95 plus $30 shipping and the fully assembled kits will be $499.95 plus $30 shipping.

I should be able to ship the ones that have been purchased on Monday or Tuesday. After that its going to take me a few weeks to get the materials for more stars, so it will take about 3 weeks before I can ship anymore after that.

I might note that the 7 I had were cut out by hand, and I think I did a reasonably good job. But I found a place that will cut them out using automation and they will be cut more precisely. That is one of the reasons I am having to raise the price.

-Brian Bruderer

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