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[Sold] For sale - LED RGB super strands


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Selling LED RGB super strands.

Diogen Holiday Creations, one piece construction

c6 bulb style, 24' long, 70 bulb count, Red, Green, and Blue strands (3 strings, 210 bulbs total)

Great for mega trees, trunks etc

Super strand =1 string Red, 1 string Green, 1 string Blue; all 3 strings gently twisted together.

Excellent condition, no dead bulbs, extremely clean

Pictures are 2 super strands on one cord wrap (I’ll in include cord wrap, a $3 value, free! :)

I have plenty, orders of 16 or less are not a problem. PM to confirm larger quantities.

$10 per RGB strand +shipping from VA

PM if interested.



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Have any photo's of them strung completely out? Would like to see how they look when strung, the coil just makes it too hard to discern excactly how they would look strung out along a house eve or even on a megatree.

Also are these replaceable LED bulbs or are they "sealed"?

"Half Wave" or "Full Wave"?

Are they "Dimmable"?

This is what most folks are going to want to know before purchase if they're going to use them with their LOR equipment. As the answers are going to be most influential to potential buyers.

Thanks for the answers, once I know more, then I can go from there whether or not I have an actual interest in acquiring any of these.

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