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4 arch prop from 2 CCR


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I found the tutorial on how to create 2 arches from one CCR. I'm wondering if something similar can be done to create 4 arches from 2 CCRs and have it show as one prop? Obviously I could make two separate double arches from each CCR and put them next to each other in visualizer but I would like to see about combining them into one prop.



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Once you create the 4 arches, and get them positioned, click on the "Create New Prop" button. It should be the right-most button on the bottom row.

Name the prop and click OK.

Under "Associated Fixtures" and "String Name", select the first CCR on line one, the second on line 2, etc.

Once you select one for the first line, it will not be on the list any longer.

Once you get the prop combined, if you already have the channels set-up, you should be done. If not, select "3 Wizards" and run the channel wizard.

Don't forget to "Export Prop File" so you'll have it in another folder to recall if needed.

I hope I didn't forget anything. If I did hopefully someone will chime in,

Hope this helps,


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While you can do it, that's not really a 'best practice'.

A prop in Visualizer parlance is a single display item made up of 1 or more entities (fixtures). In the case of a CCR arch where 1 CCR=2 Arches, the prop is (logically) a full CCR.

If you have your heart set on it, you can associate all 4 arches (consisting of 2 full CCRs) just like Ron says.

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