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When I import a visualization and pick vertical my pixels are off. I am importing a 40 pixel tree.When I draw on the grid, everything lines up as expected. When I play the sequence it gets off. The 5 pixels at the top never come on. The only way to light those pixels is draw on the 5 pixels at the bottom which super star thinks isnt a part of the tree. Hope that makes sense.

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If you are using v3.5.0 go to the software downloads page and download v3.6.0. If you are already using v3.6.0 then please email your visualization file. email it to brian@superstarlights.com

The visualization file will end with .lee and will be located at:

c:<your lightorama directory> \ Visualizations \ Editor

Got to figure out why it is doing what you are describing.

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I might add that it is of course a bug in the code. In the next release the code will ignore the "star in use" setting when in visualization mode and this bug won't happen. Until then, the work around is to set "Star in Use" to "No" when in visualization mode.

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