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Bug: Opening Visualizer with a file causes inconsistent state


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Version: 3.5.0

Repeat by:

  1. Close the Visualizer (make sure it is not running).
  2. Start it by clicking on a .LEE file from the Windows Explorer (or by selecting the .LEE document from the Start menu).

At this point it will open, showing the file opened, but it will say "Simulation Active" an the bottom, and most controls will be disabled. You can get out of this mode by selecting a dialog from the File menu (the only ones enabled are New..., Open,,,, and Options...) and clicking Cancel.

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This sounds very similar to the issue I was having. (am having)

If you open it from the "Recent" menu from the start bar it will not respond.

If you open the vis and then open the file from the "open" menu it will work fine.

Is that the same results you are seeing?


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Is that the same results you are seeing?

Yes, that's exactly how I caused the problem.

However, on my system (Windows 7) I can regain control by opening and canceling one of the dialogs I listed.

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I just duplicated it on my Win 7 machine. I'll see if I can do something about it.

This looks a lot like another Windows permission thingies problem. When they came out with 7 MS decided to try to sandbox certain programs. If you start from the start menu, it knows you are the one starting the program and gives it higher permissions. If you start it automatically by double clicking a file, it thinks some outside process is trying to launch it and it gives it lower permissions. Something in the setup of the Vis fails on this lower permission, and it goes wonky.

The real problem is that you don't get an error back from Windows. You make a system call and it says 'No problem, no error', but the data returned is either wrong or blank.

For now, open the Vis from the start menu and load a file directly.

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