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Extra File Extensions In S3


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I just started using S3 and every time is save a project and reopen it I not only have the normal .lms & .bak extension i also have .lsv .....what with that I never saw that in S2 and I can't open a file with .lms extention I can only open a file with no extention that I save in S3 ...I just lost a weeks work cuz S3 says it's A UNKNOWN FILE EXTENTION.

Very frustrated!!! Any help would be qppreciated

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.LSV is what saves your visual preferences (zoom level, etc.)

.LCS is the compressed sequence.

.SUP is a Superstar Editor file.

Sounds like you have the Windows Explorer configured to hide 'known' extensions. Since the .LMS extension gets registered when you install LOR, you (gmac) will no longer see it. You would see .LMS on other files, but their extensions are really .LSV, .LCS, etc.

Open the Sequence Editor and try to open the sequence that way. If you saved it with S3, then it should be on your computer.

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