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Exporting A Song From Superstar To Sequence Editor


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I am getting an error when i create a song in superstar and then export it to the sequence editor.Here`s the error

Error loading sequence

unterminated entity reference

Any idea whats going on? Thanks for any responses.

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Just got it to work again.This morning i added 16 channels to the visualizer and my channel grid.I added 9 leaping deer and a santa and sleigh.I used an old visualizer file that did not have the santa and deer added.Now to figure out how to add them to my visualizer.Thanks for the responce Don.

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Brian figured it out for me.I did not have any of the character (&) in any of my songs.I did have 5 channels that were named with the (&) character.Removed all the (&) characters and it works great.

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