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Problem Transferring Sequences From Pc To Laptop


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I am hoping that someone has had this problem before and can offer an easy solution.

I am using 2.9.4 Standard and am having an issue when I copy my sequences from my desktop computer to my laptop. I have expanded my show from 16 channels to 32 plus CCP's. I am using my desktop to do all the sequencing, because I find it easier, and then transferring the files to my laptop computer. In order to view the additional channels while sequencing I edited the existing animation (.lcc) file that came with my holidaycoro pumpkin face and saved a copy titled Halloween 2012 to match my set-up this year (two addtinional coro faces CCP'S etc.). My problem arose when I tried to copy a couple of my sequences and the .lcc file to my laptop. I am getting an error that states "No channel group with saved index 425 found", when I attempt to open the sequences in my SE on my laptop. I am not sure what this error means or how to fix it and am hoping that it is something easy because this is preventing my laptop from loading the sequence all together. I am attaching the .lcc file to help anyone who may have an idea. The only additonal info that may help is that I get a "Missing background image" error when I load the files in my sequence on my desktop, however this has not seemed to effect anything (i.e the edotor functions correctly, the animation functions properly, and the show builder comes on without an error message.). I am not sure if this is the culprit, but any info would be helpful on how to fix this issue. Last year I did the same process and had ho issues....HELP!!!

I hope that I am being clear, however if not let me know and I'll update post accordingly.

Thanks in advance,


Halloween 2012 Set-up.lcc

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It sounds to me like the error message is caused by trying to load a sequence that was created/updated in S3 into S2 software. Channel groups are native to S3 and S2 doesn't have a clue what to do with them.

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