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Chris B

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So unfortunately I do not have any ccr's. I am using standard old led's. Playing with the instant sequence in previous versions proved to be quite useful. My question is does the "new improved effects" also affect regular old leds? Or are the improve deffects only for the ccr's. Thanks chris

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In the release announcemen of S3 v3.5.0 it mentions improved effects for Instant Sequence. To be more specific there were two main things that were done in that area:

1) Added the ability to change color by time. Before, you only had the option of having the color change each time it was applied to a ribbon. The idea was that colors for each ribbon start out in synch and then as time goes on there is a mixing effect. This looked pretty, but its not always what people want. So now you have the option of keeping all the ribbons the same color for a few seconds and then they all change to another color.

2) The effects that are made from morphs were always being applied across the entire sequencing row. When being used on an Imported visualization the sequencing rows are sometimes short, and that means the morph was only seen as it crossed that short section of the sequencing row. The code has been changed so that a morph begins and ends for only the length of the sequencing row. The result is that some of the effects will be a bit less "blinky." That is, the Instant Sequences on an Imported Visualization should have effects that are a bit longer and a bit less "nervous" looking.

Improvement #1 works both in CCR mode and Visualization mode. Improvement #2 is aimed specifically at Visualization mode.

Note that the list of Themes and Color options has not changed. Sorry if the statement of "new improved effects" implied that.

I assume you are using the SuperStar Sequencer with an imported Visualization?

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