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Lor 3.5 Creating Rgb Light Strips


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I am trying to create an RGB LED Strip with 128 pixels using DMX. The CCR wizard limits me to 50 pixels and only shows the LOR network, not the DMX universes. I read where in the Hardware utility you can change the number of pixels for a CCR to more than 50. However since these are not using the CCR controller the CCR button is dimmed out.

How do you create a CCR look a like with more than 50 pixels and assign them to a DMX/E1.31 controller.



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There are a couple of props/fixtures in the pinned topic that can help. Otherwise, you'll need to use the single bulb tool and wire them individually.

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The premade props are 1 way to get on the right track. The way to do it in VIsualizer is pretty easy but time consuming. Jeff made a 50 pixel string you can adapt, resize and move around to make it easier. The other way is to do it step by step.

If you are planing a 128 pixel strip and want it specific to your setup, as in it curves around windows or doors, arches, and so on this is how you do it for DMX addresses.

  1. Open Visualizer.
  2. Select Draw Single Blub (Looks like a Yellow Light Bulb), a prompt will open asking if its a new fixture. Leave it as "new fixture" and hit OK. nother window will open for the bulbs information, name, type, size, color and so on. You can leave the default info and press OK. Do not click again as it will just add another light to that fixture. If your strip is for example 3 LED's per segment, you can click 2 more times to make 3 single bulbs, in terms of channels these will all be the same channel once you start assinging them. As LOR see's it they will always be on together, regardless of solid or RGB they are attached at the hips.
  3. Click the draw single bulb button again out of the tool bar, place your next dot. Once again it will ask if its a new fixture again, you can click OK for new fixture. Once again another window opens for the options of that bulb. Again at this time leave it as default and press the OK button.
  4. Repeat Step 3 till you have the number of individual pixels you are trying to create. Once you have in your case 128 pixels (individual bulbs drawn) you can move to step 5
  5. Click on the "Create new Prop" button from your tool bar. It looks like 4 squares of different sizes. It will open a dialog for "New Prop" Name this to whatever you want, you can name it 128 Pixel strip if you choose to do so. This name is so you can remember what you created as well its application. The CCR is 50 pixels so it makes perfect sense. After you have a clever name hit "OK"
  6. You should be looking at a new dialog box with 3 tabs (General, Fixture Properties, and Wizards. For this will be on Tab 1 General. You can Name your prop, add a comment for what it is to you Jeffs was 50 pixels CCR lookalike, and if its locked or unlocked. On the lower half you will see "Associated Fixtures" This is where you will see String name, click in the blank box to the right of the number 1
  7. A drop down box will appear, click a second time to open. If you left all the names of the bulbs you made earlier, you will select the string titled "New Fixture 1" Once you have clicked on your pixel or bulb you want for number 1, the drop down should return to minimum status.
  8. Click on the empty box to the right of 2, once again a drop down menu should appear, from that select your second bulb or pixel that will be your second in the line.
  9. Repeat step 2 sequentially till you meet your desired pixel string size. In this case the last pixel should be New Fixture 128 if you left all the previous as the default name.
  10. Click Export Prop, that will be just above the area for all your indicidual elements, pixels, or bulbs. Create a name for the prop and click Save.

Now you have a reusable Prop. To call this prop up, all you need to click is "Insert Prop From File" and shoose the prop file you want to use. From there use your channel wizard to create the desired output. How you do this I will explain in greater detail in the AM. You can edit the prop for perfect lines and curves in notepad as well but that is also for a differnt time.

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Thanks guys. I guess I was thinking 3.5 would allow you to create them automatically like you do for CCRs. Guess its drawing as usual.

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Can't you use the CCR Wizard and specify the # of pixels you want? Then adjust the channel configuration to match your sequence? I don't use any CCR's, so I haven't used it much.

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The ccr wizard creates them on a CCR network style address. Im sure you can reconfigure it when your done, but that would be the same if not more work. Using props that are already made, or making a prop and saving it for multiple uses does take time but they are perfect to your design.

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