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3.5.0 New Visualizer Functionality

LOR Staff

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There were a few enhancements to the Visualizer for release 3.5 that you should be aware of:

  • Arches with less than four segments

You can now create arches that have less than 4 segments. A new option was added to improve the look of low segment count arches.

  • Increase pointer precision in Visualizer by holding Shift

If you hold the SHIFT key while over the main editing window, your cursor will move MUCH more slowly to allow for more accuracy. Release shift to return to normal.

  • Move only horizontally or vertically in Visualizer by holding Ctrl

If you hold the CTRL key down while over the main editing window, your cursor will only move horizontally or vertically depending on which direction you initially move the mouse. Release CTRL to return to normal.

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