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Visualiser Arch Wizard And Ccr's Just Carn't Seem To Work It Out

Kieren James

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Ok, l know this topic has been spoken about several times.

And l have spent days reading the different references to it. Also many hour trawling the help file of S3.

Unfortunately l'm still none the wiser and still not about to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

All l would like to do is build an arch in the visualizer. Made from 1 ccr strip.

Have that strip broken up into 10 individual segments.

Have it all controlled by 1 ccr controller.

Then set the same up in the S3 sequencer so the channels align

Now it sounds simple enough and not as complex as two archs from the same ccr.

or building a 12 ccr strip Christmas tree which l have successfully done

But l just can’t get the channels to match up in the sequencer and the Visualiser.

How do l get it right????


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1 - Run the Arch wizard and create an arch with 10 segments, 5 pixels per segment, CCR

2 - Edit the prop and run the channel wizard. Set the parameters for the first 'segment'.

3 - The Channel wizard will pop up a box for every segment. Notice the start pixel is changing. You should just have to hit OK

4 - Done.

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Thanks for that info

I had tried this first up, but for some reason it kept on giving me an error that l was 1 pixel short on one of the segments.

It is now working. Not quite sure what l was doing wrong.

I am trying learning how to use the Marco channels 151 to 157 on the CCR to use on the arch l have just made in the visualiser.

I'm working my way through the book that came with the CCR and trying to replicate the examples on page 23 of the book.

Colour effect with macro and leaping arc in blue.

I have got the first one working ok, but l am having a bit of trouble with the leaping arch.

The bit that l'm not sure on is when it states in step 3 "set B channel 3 to 100% -- entire ribbon is blue.

Does this mean set all the individual 1-50 pixel channels above to blue?

As l have tried this and see nothing in the visualiser when l play the sequence.

Or is there somewhere else l should be making this setting cahnge???

I have had a look around but cannot see any obvious.

Thanks for your help


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Expand the first RGB channel til you have 3 lines + the black line, fill in the blue channel for as long as you want the effect to last, and then Collapse the first RGB channel and it will have blue in it. Do your Macros. That should make it work. I'm not working with macros, but when I tried them out, that was what I had to do.

Hope this helps.


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