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Two Computers In Use, One For S3, One For Visualizer


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Hello, this is a question for Mike I think.

I use two separate computers for LOR.

Computer 1: Mac 27" 3.2 ghz 8 gb with vmware fusion 4, where the sequencer is on,

computer 2: i5 3.3 ghz 8gb windows 7 where the visualiser is running on. ( I know it is a sin for a mac user, sorry for that, other mac users! )

When both computers are powered up, it works like magic.

but when I do not power up the I5 computer, the mac with the sequencer slows down unworkable. unless I deselect the option: ==> play ===> control visualizer in the menu

Is this is because the ip adress of the i5 computer is not present?

is it possible for you to explain to a non-programmer?

regards from The Netherlands

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I'm no Apple person, but what I suspect is this:

With each packet (collection of light commands) created by the Sequence Editor that is supposed to be going to the Vis, your Apple computer is trying to find the Vis computer on the network. That takes time since the response never comes and it 'times out'. Eventually you stack up enough packets that the whole thing slows down.

You found the correct solution. Just turn off the 'Control Visualizer' function if your Visualizer is not active.

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Thank you Mike, for the explanation.

For the latter question:

the sequencer is on the mac because of the 27" screen, 2560x1440 resolution, which I find very nice to work with.

The windows pc is only for running the LOR - shows at X-mas, but can be used in the mean time for the rest of the year running the visualiser on a 23 " screen at 1680x1050 resolution.

just for fun and convenience.



The Netherlands

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