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Wizards In.....july?


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Okay, what do you do on the hottest day of the year so far???? It's to hot to do anything outside so I said, Hey let's work on some Halloween and Christmas sequences, of course this was after I fixed the Hot Water Tank, a flex pipe sprung a leak and I was getting a scent of Natural Gas, I consider myself lucky because next Saturday my family is going on vacation and it this leak happened 7 days from now, wow. Anyways back to what I'm posting here, so I was reviewing my Christmas sequences and I was looking at WiW and I said, Hey..... that would look kinda good on the flag, Hmmmmm So I opened a new sequence loaded TSO-WiW, (again) and this time pounded out a July 4th edition of Wizards in Winter (July) it took me 3 hours to sequence it. but it's more for fun than to impress

Now I'm thinking that maybe I should incorporate my Flag into my Christmas Display, I would need a few controllers but hey, that's what the LOR summer sale is all about, now onto the video (unless youtube blocks it)

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I Like your Flag it is inspiring me to do more with the star aspect in my Flag 2.0 my Flag 1.0 is heavy and a pain Now if only i had more controllers :)

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