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After using Superstar, setting the intensity to less than 100% and importing my the sequence into visualizer, I am hardly able to see the replay in the visualizer. Checked and Superstar takes into account that CCR are LED's and it automatically reduces the intensity. So when it shows up in the visualizer, it is next to impossible to see the playback. Is ther any way to increase the brightness of playback in visualizer? I know the background can be adjusted with the slider, but that does not affect the pixels or lights. Any ideas on this would help. DevMike could this be a wishlist item?

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The Visualizer can only display what it is sent. There is no good way to decide that an intensity of 'X' means 2 (or more) different things.

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I know that this is an old thread, but I wish there was some sort of an adjustment for that. I am finding that I have turn the background down to zero, and turn all the lights off in the room and still can only see about about half of what is there (and this is on pixels that are full bright in SSE - and yes, I know the SSE export reduces some of the colors to make it look right on the actual hardware).

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