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My Display Thus Far :)


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This is my 1st year of LoR, 2nd year of lights ;)

I absolutely love the singing faces so decided to try and make my own since it was going to cost a small fortune to order the ones from Frame DLites.

My design in Visualizer looks like this...


I have a boy face and a girl face.

All 7 chans lit up on boys face


and girls face


They are made with 12v neonflex in channelling. 7mm plywood painted with blackboard paint.

We put it outside on the porch tonight and it is very bright. In these pics it looks like the neon is reflecting on the non-lit parts but it doesnt look like thats going to happen outdoors. If it does I will put PVC or electrical tape around the bottoms of the neon to "shut out" the light.

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My first controller box is the LoR 240v with pigtails box.

The above is my 2nd controller box with 320w 12v power supply and CMB-16D-QC Deluxe DC card. Should be able to fit a couple more cards in there in time.

Below is my 3rd controller box with 1 x 31v power supply (odd I know) and 1 x 24v power supply. My 3rd DC card will fit in there (and maybe another in time).

Getting there :o


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what is your location? i noticed you used mm when describing you plywood,also where did you buy the box in the top picture? I really like the look of the faces.how many feet or meters did you use when making them?

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