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Sequence Editor not talking to Visualizer


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I started with LOR in 2011 with no problems and have been cruising along nicely.

I am getting involved with the Visualizer now ahead of organising for 2012. This is a really exciting addition but it has left me very frustrated. Let me hasten to add that it is not an LOR problem.

I have spent heaps of time on the tutorial and on setting up my own display on it. However I can’t get the Sequencer to talk to the Visualizer although I think I have everything set correctly.

A recent Windows Update (Vista) incapacitated the Security Centre on my computer and I can’t access it to restart it. The Firewall shows as being off although I can’t switch it on or off. It has not prompted me that it has “blocked” LOR. I suspect I have a problem with the Kaspersky Internet Security that is installed on my computer. I have with my limited knowledge opened ports and provided access to LOR but nothing happens.

I wonder if you might be able to throw some light on this before I call in a computer technician to go over my system. Many Thanks!

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try this as I messed it up as well.

Open sequencer, under Play menu on top bar make sure control Visualizer.

I assume your hitting play on the Visulizer and channels are set up correctly.

When I updated on my new PC this is where I was pulling my hair out. Mike pointed it out to me, I never even knew it was an option. I wonder if it was preselected on S3 when it came out?

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To tidy this up.

I am pleased to report the Visualizer is now working fine after I had my Laptop "cleaned' and had Vista reinstalled from scratch.

In the meantime I loaded the Visualizer on our Desktop computer running XP and that fired up first pop no problems.

The more I look at it the more impressed I am with what the Visualizer does.

Thanks for the comments and interest of everyone.

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