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stickie request

Bruce Wallick

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Hi there,

Getting up to speed on SS and CCR and found some great info on Instant Sequencing in these two posts:

Can they be made into stickies for easy reference?

Thanks to Brian and LOR for these products. It's taking me a while to get over the initial hump on the learning curve and it's stealing my joy and motivation. I watched the videos and read the online help, but it's still very difficult. I think it will improve over time, especially if the good info is made easier to locate.

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Sadly, not only has my stickie request not been granted ( or "pinned" or whatever term you want to use ) but the links no longer work. Repeat after me: "Change is always good."

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Here are the links to the two posts you mentioned.



Your original post was made in the days leading up to the migration, and was simply missed.

FYI - Brian is a moderator of the forum, and can also handle requests such as these. If you'd like to reach him, visit his profile and send him a PM.

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