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2 CCR License - Can I play with more in SSE before updating???


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I needed to update my license to S3, so I chose to go with a 2 CCR license to try to get the most for the $$. My dilemma is, in the SSE it only shows 2 ccrs but I would like to play with up to 12 to be sure it's what I want before updating to 12. Is there a way to make it show 12 ribbons? I thought you could experiment with sequences even in demo mode although you wouldn't have export capabilities. I'm sure it's the probably easy to do but I can't seem to find it. Thanks for any help.


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You can play with up to 12 all you want, you just cant export them! Play all you want.

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Yes, you are correct, you can make it show more ribbons regardless of the license level. The license level only affects the number of CCRs you can export.

To change the number of CCRs on the screen click on the Tools menu and select "Layout". In the Layout dialog box there is a control to select the number of CCRs. You can select any number from 1-24.

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