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MikeyRo wrote:

Looks like thirteen channels are the stripes, one for the white stars and two for the border around the flag (One for left and one for right sides).

Could be a Coro flag like this one...


Is that what you were asking ?


Got a reply from the guy on youtube.... 5 chanel flag. I bet he used rope lights with built in multi function controllers.
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They are not Rope Light's The Flag is originally designed for 16 Channel's - OW BTW I am Honored Gman - 6 White Stripes, 7 Red Stripes, 2 Borders Left / Right, 1 BlueStar Area, it is Made from Peg Board 4'X8', added Strapping on both sides except the middle ( So i can fold it in half for storage ) What you have there is the Test Below is the Actuall 4th of July After much Tweeking - mind you - I only Own 1 LOR 16 hannel Controller, So my Flag is only 5 Channel's This Year, 1 Red Stripes, 1 White Stripes, 1 Blue/Stars, 1 for Border(Which is Two strings), My Super Stars are all 4 Channel's Each RGBW, My Poles are divided into 2 channels each, the lower flood lights are all 1 channel the upper flood lights are 3 seperate channel's, So here is the Final 2012 America LOR Driven Video I hope you Enjoy how I have progressed in such little amount of time.. Enjoy

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