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We have copies of all suggestions but if you have something that you thing is important then send an email as well!

For example: I could see no reason why having a picture of your house in the animation window would serve any purpose. The animation window show what the lights would do and thus has served its purpose... Obviously I was wrong and it was the people asking for it that made it clear that I was wrong.

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after thinking it over for a while,

the one thing i have not seen suggested, unless i missed it, is the ability to print out a list of each channel with its settings included,

this year we used a screen capture program to help us, but there is no way to see what the settings are specifically, and what channels are assigned to what board,

once you have 48 channels and up it gets a little time consuming to write it all out

we tried from the begining to have everything listed in sequence, ie.. the first 16 were for baord 1, and so on, but once we started taking amp measurements all of the channel assignments had to change

just another idea to think about


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