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Guest wbottomley

rgreenfield wrote:

Sorry, I meant using a computer to run the show.:D

You have to program it the SE and run an animated show with dimming commands only. Beyond that, you're pretty much SOL. LOR units need some type of data/commands to function.
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Like others have said, there is no way to do this without creating an animation file that dims the entire display {all channels on} via the Sequence Editor. There is no way to control the lights without creating some type of control file using the SE, other than manually in the Hardware Utility, but that won't work for shows.

You can set the animation to start at full or lower intensities on all channels, but be sure to make sure that having all your lights on at the same time isn't going to overdraw the amperage on your controllers.

If you're all LED, you'll probably be fine, but if you have incandescents or more incandescents than LED's in your display, you may just want to cycle areas of your display at a time, as opposed to everything being on at one time, even if only at a lower intensity.

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How about using the Hardware Utility to set/limit the intensity range for each controller? If you're wanting the whole show to be dimmer wouldn't that do the job?

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