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Sequence CCR's and CCP's same time?


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Is there a way to sequence both ccr's and ccp's at the same time in SS? I can't figure out the settings to lay it out (if its possible).

Thank in advance,

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Click on the Tools menu and select Layout. In the Layout dialog box you will see at the top there are two modes:

Visualization mode
CCR/CCB/Firefli mode

Currently, in CCR/CCB/Firefli mode CCP's are supported if they are in the Dual User ID mode where they look like two CCRs on contiguous Unit IDs with the same channel configuration as a CCR. If they are configured to be 300 channels (plus macros) on a single Unit ID then they are not supported in CCR/CCB/Firefli mode, but I am working on it.

However, if they are configured as 300 channels (plus macros) on a single Unit ID and you make a visualization and import the visualization it should work, but I have not personally tested it because I do not have any Cosmic Color Pixel strings. But it should work because the SuperStar Sequencer will get the channel assignments from the visualization file.

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